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Morning Options: EUR/GBP -PUT, EUR/AUD - PUT - Forex News, Analysis
Morning Options: EUR/GBP -PUT, EUR/AUD - PUT - Forex News, Analysis

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The Options Industry Council (OIC) today announced that Gina McFadden, a long-time leader in the U.S. listed equity options industry, will be the first woman to receive the 2017 Joseph W. Sullivan Options Industry Achievement Award.

Baylor loses two more recruits as Art Briles fallout deepens

Daily Oil, Gold, Silver Technical Analysis May 11, 2017
Daily Oil, Gold, Silver Technical Analysis May 11, 2017

Nu (/njuː/; uppercase Ν lowercase ν; Modern Greek: Νι Ni ni ), is the 13th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 50. It is derived from the ancient Phoenician alphabet nun . Its Latin equivalent is N, though the lowercase resembles the Roman lowercase v ( ν \displaystyle u ).

These characters are used only as mathematical symbols. Stylized Greek text should be encoded using the normal Greek letters, with markup and formatting to indicate text style.

The uppercase nu is not used, because it is normally identical to Latin N. The lower-case letter ν is used as a symbol for:

Fantasy Sports Forex Betting Exchanges Spread Betting Binary Options. requirements before entering a.All Binary Options Brokers Reviewed Worldwide 100
Fantasy Sports Forex Betting Exchanges Spread Betting Binary Options. requirements before entering a.All Binary Options Brokers Reviewed Worldwide 100

Charitable contributions are another way to reduce your tax bill. If you anticipate being in a higher tax bracket this year, compared to next year, it might make sense to make a larger contribution to a charitable trust like the Fidelity Charitable Trust. Your contribution is deductible immediately and you can make donation recommendations as to where your contributions will go.

At the end of 2011, the tuition deduction (officially called the Tuition and Fees Deduction) is set to expire. You can deduct up to $4,000 for your college tuition. However, this deduction will disappear when we all scream “Happy New Year!” If you can pay for your tuition for the first three months of 2012, in December 2011, you will be able to deduct it since you’re paying for it in 2011.

As always, with any deductions that you claim, make sure that you have the appropriate supporting documentation. If you are unluckily chosen for a tax audit, you will need to have the right records to help you prove that you really are entitled to the deduction. It’s easier to get that organized now, when you aren’t facing an audit, than when the agent is knocking on your door!

Do you avoid planning for filing your taxes because you're spooked that it won't go well? Try to relax a bit. Taxes don't have to be as gory as our darkest imaginations can have us believe - here’s why. 1. Early Organization Will Keep You From Turning Into a Werewolf…

If you have room to contribute more to your retirement plan, give that a look. Those contributions are tax deductible and is a great way to reduce your burden while saving for retirement. Traditional IRA and 401(k) pension plan contributions are tax deductible, Roth IRA contributions are not.

This will let you take the tax deduction for both installments of your property tax in 2011, rather than next year. This is a great way to reduce your taxable income by a little bit more. If you have your property tax bill, go ahead and pay it now.

However, you should understand that you can’t just pay your mortgage ahead for months and expect a huge interest tax deduction. Paying your February mortgage in December doesn’t qualify you for another deduction.

When it comes to year-end tax planning and tax reduction, you have two routes – accelerate your deductions or delay your income. Today, we’ll discuss how to find ways to accelerate your deductions so you can take that deduction this year instead of next.

Binary company : Edible oil market in india
Binary company : Edible oil market in india

Brokers provide an important and valuable service to both motor carriers and shippers. They help carriers fill the trucks and earn a commission for their efforts. They help shippers find reliable motor carriers that they (the shippers) might not have otherwise known about. In fact, some companies use brokers as their traffic department, allowing the broker to coordinate all their shipping needs.

Keep these questions in mind as you form your marketing plan:

Don't limit your specialization plan to the commonly accepted areas; instead, find your own niche. Bill T., for example, does some interesting work for retailers. One major national chain hires his company to handle the distribution of point-of-sale promotion displays that have to be delivered to hundreds of stores on the same day. Other big businesses use Bill's company to manage shipments related to store openings and closings.

An industry so huge and diverse requires a wide range of participants to thrive. Some of these participants' titles may be a bit confusing, and some of their responsibilities may overlap. But to keep things as clear and simple as possible, let's look at who the key players are and what they do.

Just about everything must move at least part of the way to its final destination by truck. With that in mind, it's safe to say that almost every company is a potential customer for you. But if you take that approach, you'll have a tough time coming up with an effective, not to mention affordable, marketing plan.

What's wrong with just going after anybody in the world who might ever have to ship something by truck for any reason? Because that market segment includes literally millions of companies and individuals, and it's impossible for any small business to communicate effectively with a market that size. Can you afford to send even one piece of direct mail to 1 million prospective customers? Of course not. But when you narrow that market down to, for example, 500 or 1,000 customers in a particular area, doing a successful direct-mail campaign is much more affordable and manageable.

The Code of Federal Regulations is very specific about what types of records you must maintain. While you may keep a master list of shippers and carriers to avoid repeating the information, you're required to keep a record of each transaction. That record must show:

Bear Calendar Spread Strategy
Bear Calendar Spread Strategy

Using this “copy method”, it’s important to know that all trades are made with the same lot size of the trader, proportional to the amount in their account. For example, if a trader opens a trade using 5% of his capital, it will be open on your account using 5% of your capital, the exact monetary figures will be different of course but this method greatly reduces risk and is a feature you won’t find on many other social trading networks. You don’t have to pay the “followed” trader or eToro any commission on your profits; it’s all yours to keep!

Webtrader is accessible on your web browser or mobile device. It allows you to easily control your trades, moving trade parameters at any time. Their traders network, Openbook, allows you to search profitable traders using several filters, so you can find the one that best fits your style and financial goals. After you copy a trader, you can see all his activity on your Webtrader platform, including every detail of their trading and closed trades. You can also be copied by others, who will be able to find you on Openbook, and eToro will reward you for every copier of your account, even though they don’t charge a commission to copiers. Click here to get your HUGE Etoro Bonus

The platforms near the start of the list are the ones I would recommend the most for beginners. Sign up above, see what you think and remember testing is everything!

AscTrend Binary Options Trading Strategy

At any point that a customer needs assistance or has any questions, Automated Binary has a fast response customer service system. Just click the website contact page and either email Automated Binary customer service or fill out the web form. It is available in multiple languages.

Hey! Thanks for the article! But how can I know which robot to choose?

What’s more, Automated Binary offers traders a demo account so they can find the perfect settings to match their trading style. You can use the demo account to test and change until you discover the most profitable method for you.

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